Frequently Asked Questions

Each Screening Site determines its own fee and billing policy. Screening for diabetic retinopathy should qualify for Prescribed Minimum Benefits as part of your medical aid cover (even for Hospital Plans) It is important you clarify your selected Screening Sites’ Fee and Billing Policy when scheduling your screening Screening should cost less than a burger with chips and a coke!
Primary Tier Screening takes 10 minutes including the generation of a Report. Second Tier Evaluation is more comprehensive and takes longer.

There should be no problem with driving yourself as dilating drops are not required.

The Screening Site will advise second tier screening, which is more comprehensive and involves consulting with an eye care professional.

The goal of secondary screening is to evaluate ‘not normal’ into ‘normal’ (not requiring further referral) or ‘abnormal’ (requiring further referral)

The Screening Site will be able to make recommendations on where to have secondary screening

The Diabetic Evaluation Clinic, Paardevlei Specialist Medical Centre, Somerset Eye, Gardner Williams Ave, Paardevlei, SOMERSET WEST, TEL: 021 824 1206 is available for secondary screening by appointment, if required.

Not necessarily. The Primary Screening needs to be verified by a more detailed eye examination by an eye care professional. Referral to an ophthalmologist only becomes necessary if the eye care professional is of the opinion specialist review is required.